It started as the desire to complete just one 10K to say I did it. A few weeks into my training, a relationship came to an end and I lost my job. Those training runs quickly became my best friends as I sorted through the losses and uncertainty. Now, more than 4 years, training for 5 half marathons, and one knee surgery later, the challenges I have taken on in running have helped me understand that I can take on, and conquer, whatever lies in my path ahead.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Feeling some pain and swelling after the 5 miles Sun., so I didn't run my easy 2 yesterday. I'm going to do them today no matter what, but I wonder if it's part of the process or if it's a problem.

This recovery process is as much mental as anything. I find myself analyzing every twinge and wondering is this "recovery pain" or "injury pain", swelling from just getting back into it or swelling because something's wrong. My thinking needs to get in shape as much as my body does.


Viv said...

I hope it's just a mental thing, Thorny. I hope the run today felt fantastic!

Al's CL Reviews said...

I hope it is mental. ICE IT DOWN!

As for the picture comment...I had already forgotten about your camera. I meant the professional photogs. They NEVER take my picture. D gets like 5 per race, and then there is me.