It started as the desire to complete just one 10K to say I did it. A few weeks into my training, a relationship came to an end and I lost my job. Those training runs quickly became my best friends as I sorted through the losses and uncertainty. Now, more than 4 years, training for 5 half marathons, and one knee surgery later, the challenges I have taken on in running have helped me understand that I can take on, and conquer, whatever lies in my path ahead.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Getting Passed

Wasn't there an entry about the guy who didn't seem to want me to pass him? Did 8 this morning at avg. 10:53 (I think I tad faster, cause I went a little further than the mapmyrun route) But everybody passed me - going uphill, going downhill. I think one guy passed me twice after he did a little loop off the route. I hope not. I hope it was another old runner guy in shorts way too short.

So, with the shoe on the other foot, I'm happy to report that indeed I was alternately laughing and reminding myself that this was my run, these were my miles, this pace was a part of my traning. All in all very at peace with it.

Happily I pulled of a speed interval workout on Friday too. I really hate those - do them on the TM because I don't push myself hard enough on a track and need the threat of falling on my face if I don't keep up.

Still not sure I'lll pull off running the 10K on the 29th as life will soon change with the purchase and renovation of a house, but I'm training like I'm going to.