It started as the desire to complete just one 10K to say I did it. A few weeks into my training, a relationship came to an end and I lost my job. Those training runs quickly became my best friends as I sorted through the losses and uncertainty. Now, more than 4 years, training for 5 half marathons, and one knee surgery later, the challenges I have taken on in running have helped me understand that I can take on, and conquer, whatever lies in my path ahead.

Monday, March 16, 2009

finally (?)

Thank heaven for daylight savings time. Started last Wed to run with a co-worker during lunch. I've been so slack at running, that I was worried about going out for 3 mile run. But even with a pretty warm day, we did a 9:54 pace and I didn't die! We have a similar pace, even though she's about 6 inches taller than me. Thank goodness for someone else who loves running and will go out with me. If we make it one day/week, I'll go out one other time too.

Then Sunday, after it finally quit raining so hard, I headed out to the Silver Comet trail for another 3. But it became 4 and generally felt good at a 10 min/mi pace.

Boooorrring entry, but I just need to get this out there.

Then there was my dream. I swear I dreamed an entire 10 mile run through my favorite neighborhoods last Fri. night. The sun was out, about 65 degrees. It seemed like I felt every footfall, heard the neighborhood sounds, felt the changes in my heart rate and breathing. It felt great! Can't wait for it to happen when I'm awake and out of the bed!!

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Tammy said...

Visualization is the first step... Welcome back!