It started as the desire to complete just one 10K to say I did it. A few weeks into my training, a relationship came to an end and I lost my job. Those training runs quickly became my best friends as I sorted through the losses and uncertainty. Now, more than 4 years, training for 5 half marathons, and one knee surgery later, the challenges I have taken on in running have helped me understand that I can take on, and conquer, whatever lies in my path ahead.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Speeding Up

Thursday, August 16

Today I completed the speedwork on my training schedule. This is huge, 'cause I never finish it the way the schedule says I'm supposed to. I usually keep paring down the distances. Just run 1 lap and jog 1/2 cause I can't keep going for 2 laps. You know the drill.

But today, in the lovely air conditioning of the gym, on a treadmill set a low incline, I did it! 1 mile warmup at 10:54, then 4x800 at 4:20 with 400 jogs in between, then a mile to cool down back at 10:54.

Drove home smelling like the football locker rooms of my coach's daughter childhood. Only to discover that my house was 93 degrees and the a/c was not cooling. Suspect that even after my shower, I'll have a locker room odor.


Noelle said...

Whew-that sucks about the A/C. I have no clue what the 400 and 800 are, but it sounds damn impressive. WTG!

Tammy said...

Woohoo! WTG on the speed work! I don't do speed work. I figure races ARE my speed work...

That sucks about the A/C. I whined because mine was frozen up last night, and it was only 79 in my house!!

Viv said...

Awesome job in getting that speed work in and maxing it out all the way! That sux so bad about your air. I hope it is fixed now.